About Us

Our Mision

Our commitment as a company is to produce and distribute an innovating product in order to accomplish the wellness and health benefits of our consumers, as well as satisfying the supplying needs in the market and our costumer’s expectation.

Our Vision

Become the main company in natural frozen products. Achieving the positioning of our products in the main points of sale of Venezuela and the rest of the world. Also to reach strategical alliances with other companies seeking mutual benefits.

We want you to have a healthy life
Live it with Frize

Highly trained team willing to work together with our customers to offer solutions and build strategic alliances business.

According to study by the United Nations (UN), enough consumption of fruits and vegetables could save up to 1.7 million lives each year, because insufficient intake of these foods can cause gastrointestinal cancers, ischemic heart disease and stroke.

Due to the need detected in the market and the aim of improving human diet, borns our company Frize.

Bichon intends to replace harmful health poroducts for those containing high nutritional value. In Frize we select the best fruits and vegetables directly from the producers, we then move them to our plant, and submit them into stringent quality controls.

For distribution of our products we use freezing trucks, maintaining the cold chain that guarantees the freshness and quality.

Social Responsability

We are entire committed to social responsibility projects directed to the vulnerable people of our country.